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I have been creating stories for as long as I can remember. A few folks, shake their head sadly to learn that a few of those original handwritten stories are still buried in the bottom draw of my desk. Sometimes, allowing characters and situations to make it to paper are often a risky business; especially when, in lieu of the homework expected for the day, an American History teacher received a short story I had written that particular morning. However, I did manage to graduate high school and move on.

I completed eight years with the Marine Corps, Ooh-rah!, ultimately leaving with an honorable discharge, due to injury; which is also amazing because my Drill Instructors’ repeated, “Only the best become Marines...”  I kept thinking they'd send me home, I'd get a job just like mom and dad; and yet, the Marine Corps still let me play for quite some years. Go figure.

During my extensive life, I have also worked as a computer specialist, a substitute teacher, telecommunications analyst, and currently, as a program assistant for UCCS, a college in Colorado. Rather than calling myself a gypsy, having toured in numerous countries, I prefer to refer to the travel as being allowed to enjoy one giant research project.

I currently live in gorgeous Colorado.

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