Stories Through My Fingertips

Sharon G. Clark

Welcome! If you are here, it means you enjoy reading lesbian fiction, and hopefully, reading my books as well. I encourage you to email me with questions, comments, and etcetera, in the hopes that I can better understand and meet your expectations as a reader or prospective reader. I also welcome suggestions on stories you would like to see in the future—after all, it isn't always about what I want!

If this visit is accidental, I thank you, too. Some mistakes, as in my case, become my written works.

I appreciate your interest and your support, and look forward to hearing from you. Have an awesome day!

Semper Gumby (Always Flexible),

Sharon G. Clark

I have been creating stories for as long as I can remember. Verbal story telling started when I’d entertain the younger children at church daycare; and then, writing stories after reading Oliver Twist, by Charles Dickens, at the age of nine. As a packrat, few folks will shake their head unsurprised to learn that those original handwritten stories are still buried in the bottom drawer of my desk. Sometimes, though, allowing characters and situations to make it to paper are often a risky business; especially when, in lieu of the homework expected for the day, an American History teacher received a short story I had written that particular morning at breakfast.

I still managed to graduate high school and move on, completing eight years with the Marine Corps, Ooh-rah, ultimately leaving with an honorable discharge, and bum knees.

During my extensive life (my fifty-plus brain still believes I’m in my twenties—not that I want to go there again), I have also worked as a computer specialist, a substitute teacher, telecommunications analyst, and currently, as a program assistant for University of Colorado. Rather than calling myself a gypsy, having toured in numerous countries, I prefer to reference all my travels as enjoying one giant research project.

I currently live in gorgeous Colorado and wouldn't change it for the world.

First Reading: Chicago Conference 2017