A Majestic Affair

A decade ago, Tiara Summers was forced to leave her home with her alcoholic mother, and contact was lost with her father and friends. Tiara built a profitable construction business in Colorado Springs and, if not exactly happy, is comfortable with her life. Then she receives a letter from her father asking for help with a horse, which means returning to Silver Waters, Colorado with all the old memories of kisses and running away…and Jayce.

Jayce Mansfield trains horses for a living, specializing in movie stunts. Though she has a full life, she has never forgotten Tiara Summers, or the kiss they shared. When Tiara returns, Jayce sees promise in a second chance. Hopes for the happily-ever-after she’d envisioned for them are reanimated, until Jayce realizes the sweet, caring teenager that left ten years ago has turned into a bitter woman.

Can Jayce get Tiara to realize she belongs in Silver Waters, that they belong together?