Speakeasy, Speak Love

Fiona “Finn” Cavanaugh wants to move west, leaving the tenements and her abusive father far behind. When she saves Margaret Graham from the local street bully, Fiona doesn’t realize how the ramifications will change her life, her plans, and especially her heart. Eldon Graham, Margaret’s brother, offers Finn the chance to work for him, and make more money than anyone else “his” age. For Fiona, this could mean a chance to save faster to meet her goals–and spend more time with Margaret.

Margaret Graham comes from a family of some consequence and has finished a college degree to be a teacher, but is thoroughly under her brother’s rule. He believes her education is nice, because it will land her a prominent husband. He has his partner in crime, Jimmy Bennet, at the top of the suitor list. Margaret, at first, is confused and frustrated by the immediate attraction to a mere boy-child when she and Finn meet. She learns the truth, but the knowledge–and the fact Fiona works for her brother–could cost Fiona her life.

The heat between Fiona and Margaret nears a boiling point; and, when rival gangsters, and Jimmy, turn up the heat on the Graham businesses, things become so dangerous that neither woman may survive long enough to leave for a better life, or explore their burgeoning love for each other.